Every parent of a Highlands Ranch High School Band student is a Band Booster member!

Band Boosters are actively engaged in: 

  • Supporting and advocating for the band program
  • Providing funds for purchase of equipment, music, staff, etc
  • Band events and trips as chaperones and volunteers
  • Organizing and implementing fundraising activities
  • Volunteering in the concession stand for home football games
  • Encouraging new parent participation in the booster organization

There are many ways that parents can volunteer throughout the year to help the band program. Please attend our Monthly Band Booster Meetings to find out our current volunteer opportunities.

The Band Booster organization provides the primary financial support of extracurricular aspects of the band program, especially marching band activities. The Band Director identifies annual goals, activities, and schedule for the band program and creates a budget to support those goals.  The Band Board is responsible for reviewing and approving the budget and provides ongoing oversight of income and expenses. 

Duties of the Board Officers

All Board officers and the Band Director attend regularly scheduled monthly Board meetings (usually 90 minutes).   Whereas Board members are active volunteers themselves, the Board recruits and depends on parent volunteers to support most band activities. 

All Board Officers help and support each other and parent volunteers, and communicate positively with the band community.  Each Board position has several formal and ongoing duties per the Bylaws which can be found at this link.

However, in a nutshell the formal responsibilities are:

  • The Band Treasurer maintains all financial records and performs most annual report filings
  • The Secretary records monthly board meeting minutes and is the conduit for board communications with the parent community, mostly through email and social media
  • The Vice President serves in the absence of the President, serves as the fundraising coordinator
  • The President presides at all Board and membership meetings and creates the agenda for each

There are always situations where each board member chips in to work on projects or tasks and so the overall effort is balanced across the year.  Except for the Treasurer’s management of the accounting records, nearly all of these responsibilities can be shared or re-assigned responsibilities among other Board members.