Donate a Box

HRHS Falcon Band Donate a Box Fundraiser
How it works:
We have 100 numbered boxes. Each box represents a donation in the dollar amount of the numbered box. For example, box 37 is a $37 donation. Our goal is to fill all 100 boxes in 100 days.

Click here to see available boxes:
Updated – Donate a Box.pdf

How do I donate a box?
Simple! Pick the number you want, write a donation check to HRHS Band Boosters and (1) give to a band student to turn in to Mr. Rigolini or (2) mail to the address below. OR go to and donate your box via credit card or PayPal. Simply donate the amount of the numbered box you’d like to donate.

What happens after I donate a box?
A large display in the band room has 100 numbered cards in pockets. When you donate for a number, that card is replaced with a card with your name*

But wait, there’s more!
Behind 10 numbered boxes, are gift cards varying in value from $5 to $100. If the numbered card you donated has a star behind it, you get a gift card!*

*Fine print: We will do our best to get you the number you request; however, because we have multiple sellers, we cannot guarantee your exact number will still be available when we receive payment. If it is no longer available, we will assign the number closest to your donation (up or down) as long as it is within $5 of your donation. Boxes with gift cards will be randomly picked via computer generation. Gift cards can be picked up from Mr. Rigolini. Online donors will be notified via email if they get a gift card and how to get their gift card.

Mail checks to:
HRHS Band Boosters, 9457 S University Blvd #527, Highlands Ranch, CO 80126.